Feature Rich, Scalable and yet Extremely Simple to Use

We, at TicTec Solution are aimed to provide only the best of the best complete IT solutions to ease and develop business process for our client. Sit back as we offer you a range of software solutions that will fulfill the needs of your business. Each software is designed with utmost details and perfection with the latest technological advancements. TicTec Solutions are continuously updated with the latest trends and developments in the IT society which makes our software and systems always up to par.

What We Have ?

We offers a complete and integrated suite of hotel system.

We are the experts when it comes to smart solutions for hotels & accommodation industry as we have done so many. We know exactly what you need.

- TicTec Solution

About us

Our sole purpose is to make hotel management easier for our clientele and help them develop it in a measurable scale. With a dedicated group of expertise in the hospitality industry, we are able to tend to all your needs - product development, technical support, consulting and sales. Our products and solutions are up to date with the current technological trends. The specialty of our products is the fact that it is customisable to the clients needs and is very innovative. Our services will definitely improve the productivity of our clientele's businesses.


Our Vision is to become the total providers of smart hotel management systems and provide an efficient and innovative range of affordable products.


Provide innovative solutions and professional services that accommodate new hospitality business needs.

Provide solution to clients enabling them to maximize service quality.

Provide products that will ease daily hotel operations and increase productivity.