Boost Your Supplementary Services

Upsell and increase revenue by promoting your extra services such as City Tours, Spa, Resaturants and more directly on your Booking Engine.

Custom Packages & Promotions

Create and customise packages or promotions for your rooms, wedding banquets or more for different seasons. Promote these packages on your booking engine with the billboard effect and see your sales increase!

Reward Your Loyal Guests

You can offer special rates to returning customers or members to encourage them to book direct with your booking engine for their next visit.

Instant SMS Booking Confirmation

The booking engine is integrated with our SMS service to ensure that each customer will be notified immediately upon booking confirmation. Eliminates the hassle of 'lost' or 'spam folder' email issues.

Pleasant Booking Experience

An easy-to-use and intuitive user interface combined with a seamless experience ensures your customers' satisfaction with the booking engine and keeps them coming back.

Mobile & Desktop Integration

Bookings can be made either from the mobile app, mobile browser or desktop browser. We've made sure that customers will find it a breeze to use, regardless which platform they use.

Flexible Payment Options

Customers have the flexibility to choose their payment methods, either with credit card, debit cards or online banking.