Educate Our Children

Educate Our Children

8/3/18- By Sam See, the founder of Minerva Nano Technology

“Most of the children,who live in poverty in Cambodia have to sacrifice their studies to help their families at a very young age. When I think of myself and my kid’s carefree studying life, my heart is struggled and I feel bad for these children walking to school bare footed.

Since year 2011 ,my friends, colleagues and family have been gathering our small effort, to allow more children in Cambodia to go to school and have the opportunities to choose a better life.

For seven years, I am grateful to all of you, who have been supporting these children all the time. Each of our little love gestures and contributions is a great encouragement to the children. It is hoped that these children will also benefit the whole society as they grow up.

* We always believe that through good education, our children will lead very good role model for the community, benefit the people, and even the style will be passed on to their descendants. Hence,educating our children is indeed the most valuable mission and priority career of all time.